"I purchased the ground beef and ribeyes. The lean ground beef required no draining of grease! So, you know you are getting a full pound of meat. Havent tried the bone in ribeyes yet as they are a gift but look very lean. Will review those at a later date."

-Kathy R.

"If anyone is curious on how the meat tastes, I ordered a smaller bundle to try with the family. Not only was I impressed with taste and texture, but also the butcher wrapped the meat perfectly. It certainly will not last long in my house anyway. Extremely happy with Lakeview Angus. "

-Tim T.

"I have to say the ground beef we bought last spring is SO tasty and so convenient for us to just take out a pound of ground beef in the afternoon and make amazing cheeseburgers or the other day it was chili as it was so cold outside. The best tasting ground beef we have had in years!"

-Mark S.

"We just had our grilled porterhouse from the sampler we bought a few weeks ago. They were absolutely amazingly delicious! Ribeyes were just as good! We will be purchasing more soon."

-Lisa M.

"This is our first time ordering and the beef is fantastic. We will Definitely order again!!"

-Kim S.

"Best beef ever. Will order again!"

-Audra O.

"Had some burgers on the grill tonight. Excellent taste! Can't wait to try more of the assortment of cuts I got!"

-Rosie M.