1/8, 1/4 , 1/2 or whole,

                             beef order form.

(Cost estimates at bottom of page)

**When choosing cuts, any you do not choose get made into extra ground beef** 

$200 non-redundable deposit required per quarter. Invoice will be emailed after form is submitted. Pickup will be at the farm, or local delivery can also be arranged!

Quarter Beef Estimates

Typical hanging weights average 160#-200# 

                                            **Approximately $625-$750 total cost**

  (Total varies depending on size of animal, and thickness you have steaks cut)

T-Bones  3/4" -  3 Steaks                              Porterhouses  3/4" -3  Steaks             
Sirloin Steaks  3/4"- Steaks 

Round Steaks  1/2"-4 Steaks                                                   

    Rib Steak  3/4"6-7                                             

                                                                    Sirloin Tip Roast 3lbs- 1 

Rump Roast 3lbs- 1                    

Chuck Roast 3lbs-4 6                                                 

               Ground Beef   approximately 40lbs

                                                                          Soup Bones- 3-4 Packs                                  

                                                                           Short Ribs  3 Packs                                                                               

**Take home weight varies depending which cuts you have made. Typical ranges are 55-65% of the hanging weight**